Part two of this podcast series very nicely encapsulates the learnings in an easily understandable format and leaves scope for Svadhyay – self-learning. It is clear that asanas are only a part of the yoga practice and is in no way an end.

We will continue this series in the future, depending on when Rangaji will have time for doing another podcast. Your comments and questions will certainly go a long way in persuading him for another episode.

He is starting a Youtube channel very soon, about which he will make an announcement soon, he is also launching his website, dedicated to amateur photography, we are so much looking forward to both of his new ventures and wish him good luck.

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Rangaji recommends reading Upanishads in translation, something which as per him will contribute to the efforts in achieving your goals. He is at the moment listening to Mundaka Upanishad from his Guru in Tamil. He also recommends reading the “The Autobiography of Yogi” – a book by Parmahansa Yogananda.

He listens from Carnatic Music to Rock Music, he is an audiophile and I discovered that he really liked No Sanctuary Here by Chris Jones!

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